I love answering questions, because in so many cases, people don’t realize how easy the solution can be. I’m not saying that you’re going to wave a magic wand and have a deal complete itself, but REALTORS® have wonderful insight to be able guide you. Hopefully you’ll find mine beneficial to you.




How much does it cost to use a REALTOR®?

It costs nothing for a buyer to use an agent, which is why all buyers should use a REALTOR®. (And a good one, like me!) As for the person(s) selling the home, they agree to a rate ahead of time with their own REALTOR®.  That predetermined percentage can vary based on how much time, effort, marketing, and other expectations will be requested during the course of the sale.


How much home can I afford?

REALTORS® surround themselves with their own trusted professionals from many trades and industries. Almost all of us will refer you to one or more lenders who can help you determine that answer. They’ll run the numbers, look at your credit scores, income, any debts, etc. From there, they’ll know where your ceiling is. You’re under no obligation to max out your budget when you home shop, just find something that fits within your lender’s range, and you’re good to go.


What needs to be done before I put my home on the market?

Don’t lose sleep over this one! In most cases, not much. If your home is de-cluttered to the point where it looks nicely staged, you’ve just won the biggest challenge of all. At most, paint and flooring might need attention, but get your REALTOR’S® advice first. Nine times out of ten, the next buyer who comes along will want to put in décor that matches their own taste, so it might be best to just tidy up and sell.


How many showings does it take to find or sell a home?

Obviously, this will vary from situation to situation. When purchasing, it’s important to be comfortable with the space between the four walls. Do your best to look past the tons of furniture, or the purple paint job in the kitchen. You can always change things cosmetically later. When selling, the better you clean, the smarter you price the home, and the more effective the marketing, (ask me about mine, it’s called Pinpoint, and it’s incredible…) the faster you could be under contract.


What’s my home worth?

What I can tell you, is that no famous website is going to get this right. Do they have agents working in your neighborhood daily? Do they know a comp that’s true versus one that isn’t? Have they been in your house to see your upgrades? There is literally no way on this planet that they can know that number. Only a REALTOR® can nail down answers about price point. Case in point: Don’t forget that the CEO of that famous home search website you’re using once sold his home for 40% LESS than his “estimate.” Now do you understand? Just call me.


What should I expect after I find the home that I want to buy?

The process moves quickly in the first 10 days. In that time, you’ll probably present an offer, negotiate the price, drop off your earnest money, complete your inspection, and ask your real estate attorney for advice during negotiations. Your REALTOR® can help you navigate all of this, as we do this every day, all day. We’ll not only help you solve any potential obstacles and/or tough situations, but ultimately give you the knowledge and power to make your own decisions comfortably and confidently.


What if I have a question that I don’t see here, or there’s something more specific about my situation?

Don’t panic. REALTORS® see all sorts of scenarios, and no two deals are alike. I will always be available to answer any/all questions you may have about what your personal needs might be. Any question is a good one to ask when it means helping you achieve that ultimate goal of buying or selling a home. (Even if both have to be done at the same time!)  Just call or text me at 847-977-2374, and ask!